Chinese herbal medicine has been in practice for over 2000 years. Even before pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies were used to balance and heal the body. Herbs can be used to augment acupuncture treatments or taken independently to treat an imbalance. Herbs, more specifically, the synergistic effects of herb combinations, help restore the body back to equilibrium.

A fully trained and licensed Chinese Medicine herbologist will complete an intake which includes a discussion of complaints, manifestations of symptoms, constitutional evaluation, and examination of the tongue and pulse. Our herbal consultations are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostics. After a thorough picture of your health and a diagnosis has been reached, an herbal formula specially customized for you will be prescribed along with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. The effects of each formula will be carefully monitored and adjusted accordingly. Herbs can be administered in different forms: raw form, pills, granules, tinctures, topical plasters, and salves.* Herbs are an additional cost to the consultation.

Your initial herbal consultation will take up to 30 mins depending on the complexity of your condition. Follow up visits are needed every other week in the beginning and as few as once per month as treatment continues.

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