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Can't get rid of old wounds or Joint Pain? Acupuncture can help

Typically, a person will have a joint injury at least once in his or her life.

Typically, a person will have a joint injury at least once in his or her life. Any movement in life uses the joints. Walking and falling, car accidents and prolonged use of specific parts of the body at work or in exercise all have the potential to cause joint injuries.

When a joint is injured, the acupuncturist will first check the history and palpation to rule out fractures, neurovascular injuries, ligament ruptures, and other urgent cases, and then refer to orthopedics for priority treatment. If there is no serious tissue damage, then follow-up acupuncture treatment can be performed.

The advantage of acupuncture is that it can effectively heal old joint injuries through a combination of manipulative techniques, acupuncture, and Chinese medicine. Another reason why joint injuries are difficult to heal is that there are few blood vessels in the joints, so blood supply is limited and nutrients are not easily delivered, which takes a longer time to repair.

Tissues close to the joints are deeper and have poor blood circulation, so the effect of physical therapy is limited. However, through acupuncture, we can directly penetrate into the points, effectively unblock the blood and accelerate the recovery of injured tissues. For example, acupuncture can have a good effect on the common tennis elbow.

Even if the same problem is treated in the same way, some people get better in 3 times, while others get better in 30 times, depending on the outcome of the treatment to judge. It depends on the response to the treatment. Therefore, if you follow your doctor's instructions, seek treatment, and actively treat your old joint injury, you will have the opportunity to recover as soon as possible.

3 Tips for Daily Care

1. Avoid cold foods: Cold foods will make the circulation of Qi and blood worse, so if you have repeated injuries to your joints, you should avoid eating colds (such as watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, pear, bamboo shoots, coconut juice) foods. If you want to nourish your liver and kidneys, you can eat yam, black sesame, walnuts, and goji berries.

2. Hot Compress: After an injury, the joint will be more sensitive to weather changes. Humid weather and sudden temperature drops can cause discomfort to the joints. Putting a heating pad on the painful joint can relieve the discomfort, and it also has the effect of improving blood circulation.

3. Relaxation of lower limb fascia and muscles: Knees and ankles are the most frequently used joints. If joint pain is caused by fascia problems, you can use this movement to relax and smooth the fascia and muscles of the lower limbs so that the joints are not compressed, which can effectively relieve the pain.

<Step 1>: The body is sitting upright and the hips can be stabilized on the chair. Feet are flat on the ground, feet are shoulder-width apart, and knees are 90 degrees.

<Step 2> Both feet slowly turn to the left, the knees do not move, the upper body remains straight.

<Step 3>In the same position, slowly turn your toes to the right again.

**Reminder**: The rotation should be slow, the range according to the person can accept. When rotating, you can feel the tendons of the feet being stretched, and the body should be relaxed so that the tendons can be stretched. Do it 3~4 times a day, once for 15~20 minutes.

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