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Magnetic Gua Sha Therapy

Updated: Mar 3

Magnetic Gua Sha therapy uses a magnetic fork bar as a massage tool, which is deeper and more pronounced than manual massage.

How it Magnetic Gua Sha work?

Since blood contains iron, which is a positive charge, and the magnetic fork is a negative charge, the magnetic fork can attract blood to stimulate blood circulation, effectively draining lymph, removing toxins and acidic waste to remove muscle edema, improve the blockage of meridians, and relieve back pain, neck pain and other effects.

Magnetic Gua Sha Benefit

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Eliminate muscle fatigue

  • Diversify meridians and lymph

  • Promotes metabolism and eliminates toxins

  • Eliminate edema

  • Relaxes shoulders and neck

  • Tightens skin and restores elasticity

Magnetic fork therapy is suitable for all seasons of the year, especially in winter when the body's metabolism is slower and more likely to accumulate toxins and edema, so it is more suitable for magnetic therapy in winter and spring to promote the body's detoxification function.

Magnetic Gua Sha Therapy Reminder

It's not recommended for young children, pregnant women, people with gout, eczema, or brain disease. In addition, since the magnetic force of the magnetic fork may interfere with metal devices in the body, people who have metal stents, cardiac arresters, or who are allergic to magnets or stainless steel should not undergo magnetic Gua Sha therapy.

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